Men's Sober Living and Extended Care Recovery Programs in Asheville, North Carolina

Choose Sobriety this Spring

We here at NSR of Asheville, know the importance of seeking recovery as soon as possible and choose sobriety this Spring. There is no better time to do that than this Spring. Although winning the fight against addiction is never easy, men at our recovery center feel that our programs, which are designed around a structure, community, and self-love, give men the best chance to accomplish this. Since 2006, we have successfully helped hundreds of men rebuild their lives, reclaim their dignity, and most importantly have their hope restored. More on our philosophy and treatment plans can be read about here at

NSR of Asheville, we offer more than just a, ‘halfway home’. We take a holistic approach to addiction, equipping men with the skills they need to achieve long-term addiction recovery. As Asheville’s premier sober living program for men, we take much pride in the care that we provide. We also believe that the road to recovery should be a real adventure and our unbelievable setting aids in that. Our program combines all of the key ingredients necessary to put someone on the proper pathway to lifelong sobriety. So, start your sober living this Spring and choose to start your journey to recovery at our men’s sober housing facility in Asheville, North Carolina.”

Although addiction recovery is always possible, it takes hard work and a structured support system to get started, and is exactly what our treatment facility provides. We like to think of their addiction recovery services as one that bridges the gap between inpatient detox and long-term self-sufficiency in which we feel other recovery programs often overlook. Our residential recovery community uses a 12-Step focus to structure and encourage peer support, personal growth, and development. 

Men's Sober Living and Extended Care Recovery Programs in Asheville, North Carolina

A typical day for those that want to start their journey to sobriety. Each day begins with a mandatory meeting in the morning that’s followed up by residents receiving schooling, volunteering in the local community, or going to work. Residents must also cook their meals and do their own housekeeping and laundry. Outdoor group activities are also arranged for the residents. There is a strict curfew in place each evening and residents have to adhere to the facility’s stringent code of ethics. Some photos of our recovery facility and its very scenic surroundings can be seen here at

Many touching reviews have been written regarding the sober living services that our Asheville, NC-based sober living facility provides. A recent resident, JL, stated, “The desperation and hopelessness I felt nearly 6 months ago is gone. I have faith, hope, and a bright future. For that, I have NSR of Asheville to thank. The staff is caring, knowledgeable, and always available to help me along my journey of recovery. The counseling, case management, and classes have furthered my education about myself and my addiction. Thank you for being here and guiding me one day at a time.” Family members of those receiving help from us here at NSR of Asheville are also equally thankful for the sober living services that we provide. Attendee family member K.W. wrote, “My son completed 3 months of sober living at NSR of Asheville, surrounded by kind, caring and compassionate staff, with all the skill sets required of true professionals to guide and assist him in living a productive, healthy, sober and happy life. He flourished and started to smile and enjoy life again during those three months. He now lives across the country and is starting to build a career for himself and is enjoying the normal things in life that had been missing for so many years. As a family, we have been blessed to have been connected with NSR. Thank you.”

NSR of Asheville’s Extended Care Services has been shown to be highly effective when it comes to treating addiction. Get started with NSR of Asheville at the following link:



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