Program Policies

Zero Tolerance Policy

To maintain a supportive and safe transitional living environment for all our residents and staff, NSR of Asheville has a strict “no tolerance” policy for the following behaviors/actions:

Violation of any of the following will result in immediate dismissal from NSR:

  • Violence or threats of violence
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Stealing of any kind
  • Bullying of any kind
  • Sexual harassment
  • Racial or sexual slurs
  • Destruction of property
  • Use or possession of drugs, alcohol and/or banned substances on or off property
  • Sexual relations or intimate bodily contact with another NSR resident, staff or volunteer.
  • Sex in any NSR home is not permitted. All are grounds for immediate dismissal.
  • Abuse of over-the-counter or prescription medication
  • Smoking, vaping, lighting candles, or incense inside the homes. No smoking or vaping in the breezeway or stairs – designated smoking areas ONLY.
  • Refusal to give a urine screen or breathalyzer will result in immediate dismissal
  • Not currently using Suboxone, Methadone, K2, Spice, or any other controlled substance, including but not limited to, Valerian root, Kava Kava, diet pills, or “bath salts.”

Residents who have participated in any of these behaviors/actions will be required to leave the program immediately.

A complete list of NSR of Asheville’s program policies and standards can be reviewed in our House Contract. Several key policies are summarized below.


Smoking is permitted outside in designated smoking areas only. No smoking or vaping in homes, breezeways or stairs. Each home has its own balcony which residents are allowed to smoke.


Visitors are not permitted in sleeping areas, with the exception of family members who may be shown the sleeping area for a maximum of 10 minutes. Female visitors are not allowed in homes. Family members are always welcome in the common living areas.


Animals are not permitted.


Residents are prohibited from taking narcotic pain medications and benzodiazepines such as Xanax, Ativan, and Klonopin. Cough and flu medicines and mouthwashes that contain alcohol are also prohibited. All other approved medicines must be self-administered by residents who are responsible for obtaining their own refills, as needed.

*NSR of Asheville is a MAT friendly environment that supports Sublocade,Vivitrol, and Naltrexone. We currently are a Vivitrol provider.

Stage Advancement

Click here for an overview of our Recovery Stage Advancement program.
Please note that individual cases are reviewed by the Executive Director at every stage.

Program Eligibility

Admission is voluntary and at the discretion of NSR of Asheville. Men join our transitional living community because they are committed to working on their own recovery and helping others do the same.

Alcohol/Drug Screening​

We are committed to providing a supportive, drug- and alcohol-free community to our residents in recovery. The use of alcohol or drugs will result in immediate dismissal. We enforce this policy by administering random daily drug screens, sending urine screens to a lab once a week, and by screening after all passes.

Background Check

To ensure we maintain a safe environment for our residents and staff, all applicants will be subject to a background check and a telephone interview. No applicant will be accepted with a history of violent crimes, arson, assault on a female, or sexual assault charges or convictions.