Referring Professionals

NSR of Asheville is committed to supporting our residents’ successful transition to our housing and this commitment begins before our clients join our transitional living community.

We work closely with individuals, families, treatment facilities, educational consultants, and other health-care providers to ensure we meet every client exactly where they are in their individual recovery journey. With our residents’ consent, we welcome ongoing communication with their extended support team including family members, referring professionals, and other care providers.

If you are a referring professional, the following information can help your clients and their families join our recovery support community.

Safe, Structured Transitional Living

NSR of Asheville’s structured recovery program includes:

  • Optional intensive outpatient program
  • Individual case management
  • Mandatory daily 12-step work
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Job search support services
  • Life skills education & sober recreation
  • Onsite house managers and 24-hour peer support
  • Transportation for work, school, and volunteering

We offer a unique blend of clinical and peer-based support. All of our residents have daily access to our program’s licensed professional counselor and clinical addictions specialist, certified substance abuse counselor, house and case managers, sponsors, and fellow residents who share their own recovery experience, strength and wisdom.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Our supportive partners at Next Step Recovery provide an optional 12-week intensive outpatient program that provides the perfect bridge from inpatient treatment to transitional living and offers extra clinical support for individuals with complicated addictions histories, multiple relapses or little experience in recovery.

Length of Stay

All potential residents are asked to commit to stay with us a minimum of 90 days and are encouraged to stay longer to ensure long-term recovery success. Most of our residents stay with us for 6 to 9 months and may stay as long as a year and a half in our program.

Application Process

If your client or family member is in need of post-treatment sober housing, we encourage you to begin the application process several days prior to discharge as we cannot accept anyone into our recovery program until they have been pre-approved for our housing.

Additional Questions?

If you have additional questions or would like to arrange a tour of our transitional living homes or schedule a virtual meeting to discuss placement, please contact Susan Stader at or call 828.350.9960. You may also Fax us at 828.350.9916.

Admissions Info Request Form

If you would like to receive more information about our admissions process or a brochure, please fill out the following information.

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    What They Say About Us

    "Before coming to NSR of Asheville, my life was in tatters. I felt defeated. The first day I arrived and was swinging. I was so angry. I was lost, hurt, and confused. I was living in paralyzing fear; yet, this place, these people, accepted me... They have shown me that a new life is possible. The staff here helps me grow into a better man every day... I owe the person I am today to NSR of Asheville's guidance."

    J.C., Beloved Client

    "NSR of Asheville is a safe place with people I not only consider a great staff, but also have come to love as family. They treated me with love, compassion, and respect. They helped me see things I couldn't; helped me grow as a person and changed my perspective on many topics. The people at NSR of Asheville will forever hold a special place in my heart."

    B.D., Beloved Resident

    “This is the longest I have ever been clean and NSR of Asheville is the reason for that. It has provided me with a safe place to begin my recovery”

    T.A., Beloved Resident

    "I am so grateful for NSR of Asheville and all the staff members. This is definitely the place I needed to come after I got out of treatment. Here I got connected to the recovery community in Asheville and made some good friends here at the houses. They have not only taught me what I need to do to stay clean but I have learned so many life lessons while I was here. I will stay in contact with them because this place has given me my life back and for that I am so grateful!"

    Z.A., Beloved Resident

    "NSR of Asheville was exactly what I needed in the early stages of my recovery! I spent so many years of my life hiding behind a bottle, and I couldn’t take it anymore! Susan and her staff helped me to get back on my feet and start the process moving on and loving life without the use of alcohol or drugs. After my 3 months here, I chose to stay in Asheville and continue to work on my self, with their guidance. I couldn’t imagine my life today if I was still stuck in my old ways, Thank you NSR of Asheville!"

    Z.B., Beloved Client

    "You may have to leave family, friends and your old life behind as you start recovery. NSR of Asheville provides not only a home for you to start over, it gives you a spiritual cleansing. From the staff to my housemates, They has brought a new meaning to recovery. If you let them work with you, you'll find more than a recovery house, you'll find yourself again."

    M.R.K., Beloved Resident

    My son completed 3 months of sober living at NSR of Asheville, surrounded by kind, caring and compassionate staff, with all the skill sets required of true professionals to guide and assist him in living a productive, healthy , sober and happy life. He flourished and started to smile and enjoy life again during those three months. He now is starting to build a career for himself and is enjoying the normal things in life that had been missing for so many years. As a family we have been blessed to have been connected with NSR of Asheville. Thank you.

    K.W., Family Member

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    Ready to Start Your Journey?

    Recovery is the Real Adventure.  Embrace the journey with other young men on the same path.  Lean on NSR of Asheville as your support network as you work toward sustainable sobriety.  You don’t have to make the climb back to a life of meaning by yourself, but you do have to start.  Take the next step toward your future today.