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Recovery for Men in the Mountains

We at NSR of Asheville provide addiction recovery homes for men in Western North Carolina (WNC). By incorporating the peaceful natural scenery of the mountains in Asheville, North Carolina, we are able to enhance men’s addiction treatment programs. With our innovative Extended Care Model that offers valuable programs and services, our program can result in higher success rates compared to conventional sober living homes. The combination of this Extended Care Model with the peaceful environment in the majestic mountains of Asheville, leads to overall well-being for men in recovery. More about the Men’s Recovery and Sober Living Programs can be found at

Winning the fight against addiction is never simple. Our recovery sober living program helps men win that fight through structure, community, and self-love. At NSR of Asheville, we offer more than just a, ‘halfway home.’ We take a holistic approach to addiction equipping men with the skills they need to achieve long-term addiction recovery. As Asheville’s premiere recovery program for men, we take pride in the care we provide. As we say, ‘recovery is the real adventure.’ Our program is designed to provide a pathway along the journey to lifelong sobriety.”

The Recovery Sober Living Program of NSR of Asheville is designed to bridge the gap between inpatient programs and long-term self-sufficiency. We understand the recovery journey is full of thorns and pitfalls. Many men in addiction recovery feel like they lack direction after completing their inpatient treatment program. This is not surprising because a 30, 60, or 90-day program would not be sufficient to allow any person to gain long-term sobriety.

NSR of Asheville provides adventure therapy that incorporates the beautiful mountains to fight addiction with fun. This is important because those who are on the road to recovery may find it difficult to experience joy without abusing substances. This elusiveness of happiness is one of the reasons why many who were on the road to recovery relapsed. What NSR of Asheville does is help men in recovery to find joy in sobriety. It is demonstrated how residents can live a healthy lifestyle through the creation of positive experiences without drugs or alcohol.

Adventure therapy can help in making the aftermath of addiction less harsh, allowing them to have hope and optimism regarding their future. In this unique treatment program, residents are able to enjoy zip-lining adventures, rafting, paintball, and hikes through the beautiful mountains of WNC. These fun activities are used to remind the residents that life is really worth living, even without the use of alcohol or drugs. More info about the adventure therapy program can be obtained from

NSR of Asheville provides access to a 12-week intensive outpatient program to enable an effective transition from inpatient treatment programs to transitional living. We also provide additional clinical support for patients who have complex addiction histories, trauma histories, multiple relapses, or little experience in recovery. Each step will help residents to practice accountability, honesty, and learning from mistakes. Central to this plan is the use of self-help groups like AA or NA.

NSR of Asheville is built upon the foundation of growth and the community. We will directly integrate a resident’s 12-step journey with a comprehensive suite of outpatient recovery services. We also offer one of the leading substance abuse recovery programs in Asheville, North Carolina, with our residents as clear proof that integrated Extended Care Treatment can be really effective.

Those who would like to know more about the Recovery Housing and Addiction Treatment Programs for Men is encouraged to contact us by phone at (828) 350-9960.


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