Medication-Assisted Treatments

We are an Extended Care Recovery and Sober Living Program for young men battling addictions, located in Asheville, North Carolina, even though we are not a supplier or detox facility, we support medication-assisted treatments with our sober living programs. Interested readers can find out more about the medication-assisted treatment programs at https://NSRofAsheville.org/medication-assisted-treatment-programs/.

Our sober living program is aimed at putting young men battling addictions in close quarters with others like them, in an environment that supports their efforts to rid themselves of addictions. The effect of having a supportive community around oneself brings structure into a participant’s life. The program is more than just a halfway home. Our program teaches residents the value of self-love and gives them the tools to stay on the path to recovery well beyond their time at our facilities.

Our sobriety program supports Sublocade and Vivitrol MAT (Medication-Assisted Treatments). Sublocade is a once-a-month opioid addiction treatment that continuously releases the medicine all month at sustained levels. It works by blocking the rewarding effects of opioids. The medicine blocks the pleasurable feelings that can make someone want to use opioids. According to a Sublocade website, a clinical study concluded that people treated with Sublocade were 14x more likely to achieve addiction treatment success.

The other MAT offered is Vivitrol which is used for alcohol dependence treatment in patients who are able to abstain from alcohol in an outpatient setting prior to initiation of treatment with Vivitrol. Vivitrol can also be used for the prevention of relapse to opioid dependence following opioid detoxification. Vivitrol is best used in conjunction with our comprehensive management program that includes social support.


Men who are struggling with addiction to opioids, alcohol, or heroin tend to relapse once their main treatment program is finished and they have transitioned out. Opioids and alcohol hit the pleasure centers of the brain and end up creating a deep physical dependency on the substances. Regardless of the amount of social support and therapy that one gets at an outpatient program, it is not enough unless the treatment is supplemented with medicines that can assuage the dependency. Medication-Assisted Treatments when used in combination with recovery therapies are the best option for substance abuse disorders.

There are many salient benefits of Medication-Assisted Treatments. They keep a steady, even flow of medication in the patient’s system. The medicines operate to normalize brain chemistry. They block the euphoric effects of opioids and alcohol. They relieve physiological cravings. They normalize body functions without the negative and euphoric effects of the substance used. Most importantly, neither medication can be misused. The MAT programs are clinically driven and hence there is a lot of science and research to support them. The programs are perfect for those who are at a high risk of relapsing, especially if they have a long history of dependence. The treatments are approved by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration), easing concerns of anyone who is worried about the efficacy of the treatments.

Our medication-assisted sober living program incorporates a secure, fully monitored, structured, and responsible sober living environment at our facilities to provide medication needs. All medications are locked up and staff members are present when medications are received. All medications are audited on a monthly basis for accuracy. A psychiatrist or doctor prescribes all medications. Weekly drug screens are conducted to make sure all medications are at intended therapeutic levels. All possible measures are implemented to ensure that the environment is safe for those who are struggling with addictions and the medications work in their favor. The medication is used as a supplementary measure to prevent relapse with equal or greater importance placed on the psychosocial treatment as part of the sober living program.

NSR of Asheville is located at 900 Hendersonville Rd, Ste 203, Asheville, NC 28803. It can be contacted at the phone number (828) 350-9960 or one can email susan@nextsteprecovery.com for any inquiries. Also, interested readers can get virtual tours of the facilities by heading over to https://NSRofAsheville.org/galleries/.



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